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Google’s I’m Feeling Curious Discovery Feature Ultimate Guide


Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning and the very foundation of discovery. …

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5 Full-Proof Ways to Get Noticed on Instagram and Grow a Following


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CCIE certification

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“Gear Up for the Borderlands Movie: Exclusive Trailer Sneak Peek

“Beatles Biopic Bonanza: Sam Mendes Direct to Four Films!”


“Dive into the revolutionary world of music biopics as Sam Mendes takes the directorial reins …

Borderlands Movie Exclusive Poster Debut and Trailer Sneak Peek at IGN Fan Fest 2024 Eli Roth and Randy Pitchford Discuss the Launch of the Borderlands Cinematic Universe In a groundbreaking move, the iconic looter-shooter video game franchise, Borderlands, is set to transcend the gaming realm and enter the cinematic universe. With all six base games cherished by fans for their fantastical lore and eccentric characters, anticipation surrounds director Eli Roth's film adaptation. As we eagerly await the summer release, IGN got an exclusive opportunity to sit down with Roth and Randy Pitchford, founder of Gearbox Entertainment and executive producer of the movie, to delve into all things Borderlands ahead of the official trailer release tomorrow. Check out an exclusive sneak peek at the trailer [here](insert link). Adding to the excitement, IGN also brings you the exclusive reveal of the new poster for the Borderlands movie, showcased below. Bridging the Gap From Pixel to Picture The camaraderie between Roth and Pitchford mirrors the quirky spirit of Borderlands itself, evident even in a video call. Both exude the fun-loving goofiness that defines the franchise. However, amidst the comedic anecdotes about their time on set, a professional synergy emerges, promising a successful video game adaptation. Obviously, it's Randy's baby, it's his brainchild, Roth acknowledges. You're stepping into a world that is so beloved, and the fans are so hardcore that you think, ‘Okay, well, I really don't want to screw this up.’ Pitchford's willingness to embrace creative ideas is evident, with Roth recounting discussions about keeping the beloved character Claptrap alive. The director reflects, Is it like a tail goes up and… are they little rabbit pellets It's this collaborative and open-minded approach that sets the tone for the Borderlands movie's success. A Unique Collaboration From League of Legends to the Big Screen Pitchford's journey to greenlight a film adaptation had its share of turns. Despite multiple requests over the years, he consistently turned down offers to adapt Gearbox's work into film. It was a fortuitous gaming session of League of Legends with producer Ari Arad that changed the trajectory. Pitchford explains, We were playing League of Legends together one day, Ari and I. He was the support, and I was the ADC. We were talking on chat, like on Discord, about the possibility of a movie while we were playing. This unexpected collaboration, built on shared gaming experiences, eventually gave Pitchford the confidence to sign off on the Borderlands movie adaptation. A Pandora Adventure Unfolds Cast, Characters, and Creativity Set on the fictional planet of Pandora, the movie promises an action-packed adventure with beloved characters from the game. However, this adaptation is not bound by the game's canon, offering creative freedom in selecting characters from across the franchise. Featuring an impressive cast, including Cate Blanchett, Ariana Greenblatt, Jack Black, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Hart, Florian Munteanu, and Gina Gershon, among others, the film assembles an ensemble that mirrors the game's quirky and diverse character lineup. I was like, ‘Find me the weirdest, gnarliest people. We'll put them in the movie,’ Roth reveals. Heartwarming Commitments Star Power and Gaming Influence Roth and Pitchford shed light on convincing the star-studded cast to join the Borderlands universe. Cate Blanchett, likened to one of the greatest female performers in history by Roth, and Jamie Lee Curtis, drawn in by her gamer daughter's enthusiasm, reflect the heartwarming stories behind their involvement. Jack Black's connection dates back to 2012 when he visited E3 with his son. Playing Claptrap was a condition set by Pitchford, a promise Black readily fulfilled. Whether you've played a Borderlands game or not, it's a fun movie. It's a really, really fun movie, Pitchford assures. Borderlands is set to hit U.S. theaters on August 9, 2024, promising an exhilarating journey from the gaming console to the silver screen.

“Gear Up for the Borderlands Movie: Exclusive Trailer Sneak Peek and Star-Studded Revelations at IGN Fan Fest 2024!”


“Dive into the world of the highly-anticipated Borderlands Movie with exclusive insights from director Eli …

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Google’s I'm Feeling Curious

Google’s I’m Feeling Curious Discovery Feature Ultimate Guide

Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning and the very foundation of discovery. …

5 Full-Proof Ways to Get Noticed on Instagram

5 Full-Proof Ways to Get Noticed on Instagram and Grow a Following

In the vast expanse of Instagram, where millions of users share their stories, products, and …

DoD Natural Resources Conservation Program

The Department of Defense’s (DoD) Natural Resources Conservation program serves as a testament to the multifaceted responsibilities shouldered by one of the world’s largest defense entities. This program, often overshadowed by the robustness of military operations, embodies the DoD’s unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and conservation efforts.

A Holistic Approach to Preservation

Within the intricate web of defense operations, the DoD’s Natural Resources Conservation program emerges as a beacon of environmental consciousness. Spanning an extensive network of approximately 25 million acres of military-owned or operated land, air, and water resources, the program orchestrates an intricate tapestry of initiatives aimed at preserving the natural riches present within these domains.

The Core Tenets

At its nucleus lies a comprehensive framework dedicated to preserving biodiversity, protecting habitats, managing wildlife, and championing sustainable land practices. The program operates under the guiding principle that military readiness and environmental conservation can coexist harmoniously.

Strategies for Environmental Protection

The preservation of natural resources is ingrained in the fabric of the DoD’s operational ethos. This conservation initiative is not merely a peripheral endeavor but an integral part of the department’s larger mission. Strategies are meticulously crafted and continually refined to uphold these critical objectives.

Wildlife Management

The program’s initiatives encompass a spectrum of wildlife management strategies. Through scientific research, habitat conservation, and population monitoring, the DoD actively safeguards the diverse array of species inhabiting its lands. Efforts to protect and conserve endangered species stand as a testament to its commitment to ecological balance.

Sustainable Land Practices

Balancing military operational needs with ecological sustainability is a paramount goal. The program promotes and implements sustainable land use practices that mitigate environmental impact while supporting military readiness. Initiatives ranging from responsible land development to minimizing ecological footprints showcase the DoD’s dedication to sustainable practices.

Collaborative Partnerships

The DoD recognizes the significance of collaborative efforts in achieving its conservation goals. Collaborations with external organizations, governmental agencies, conservation groups, and academic institutions are instrumental in amplifying the impact of conservation initiatives. These partnerships foster innovation, knowledge sharing, and collective action toward environmental protection.

Policies and Guidelines

Guided by robust policies and meticulous guidelines, the DoD’s Natural Resources Conservation program lays the groundwork for responsible resource management. These directives are not mere bureaucratic impositions but serve as the backbone of a coherent strategy that intertwines military operations with environmental preservation.

Environmental Compliance

Compliance with federal regulations and environmental laws is integral to the program’s functioning. Rigorous adherence to these standards ensures that military operations do not compromise the integrity of natural habitats or endanger wildlife species.

Conservation Planning

Strategic conservation planning forms the bedrock of the program’s approach. Thorough assessments, long-term planning, and adaptive management techniques are employed to ensure that conservation efforts remain dynamic and effective in the face of evolving challenges.

Balancing Security and Conservation

The DoD’s Natural Resources Conservation program is a shining example of striking equilibrium between national security imperatives and ecological sustainability. It deftly navigates the complex terrain where military readiness meets environmental responsibility, underscoring that both are indispensable components of a resilient and responsible defense framework.

DoD’s Natural Resources Conservation Programs List

DoD's Natural Resources Conservation program

More complete program overviewDoD Natural Resources Program Fact Sheet PDF

Here You can learn more about DoD natural resources activities, view the Story Map.

DENIX Natural Resources website

National Public Lands Day Pdf 1

National Public Lands Day Pdf 2

National Public Lands Day Pdf 3


Integrated Natural Resources Management Plans

Endangered Species

Candidate Species

Invasive Species


Training and Education

Off-Base Conservation

Climate Change

OSD Support Memo for the 2019 NMFWA Annual Training Workshop


DoD Legacy Program

DoD Amphibian and Reptile Conservation and Management

DoD Bird Conservation and Management

DoD Environment, Safety and Occupational Health Network and Information Exchange (DENIX)

contains information and resources about all DoD Environmental Programs, including the DoD Natural Resources Program. Topics on the site include Conservation Program Information; Legislation and Policy; Fish and Wildlife; Threatened, Endangered, and At Risk Species; Vegetation and Habitat; and the Natural Selections Newsletter.

In conclusion, the DoD’s commitment to natural resources conservation transcends the realm of military operations. It stands as a testament to the department’s acknowledgment of its role as a custodian of the environment, ensuring that the legacy of biodiversity and ecological richness endures for generations to come.

Disclaimer: Our news website provides information solely for informational purposes. We are an independent platform unaffiliated with any government agency, including the Department of Defense (DoD). While we aim for accuracy, the content is sourced from publicly available information and research. We do not possess direct association or endorsement from government entities. Readers are encouraged to verify details from official sources for critical decisions.

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